Sydney Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a building material that was widely used in Australian homes from the 1950’s until it was banned in the 1980’s. Asbestos was found to have harmful fibres that could become life threatening if inhaled. Laws have now been put into place, these laws permit only qualified and licensed professionals to remove the asbestos material and dispose of it at a certified tipping facility.

Some common areas where asbestos is found include:

  • Exterior Weatherboards
  • Corrugated cement roofing
  • Old sheds
  • Roof Shingles
  • Eave linings
  • Bath roof linings
  • Imitation Cladding
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Fire door
  • Cement pipes
  • Flooring Backing
  • Textured paints

If you are renovating your home asbestos removal should be one of your main priorities, asbestos fibres can break away easily and anyone could be at risk if you don’t do anything about it. Asbestos sheets should be removed before you begin any further work.

There are many businesses out there that may have experience but don’t carry a licence. This is one of the most common and regrettable mistakes any homeowner could make, not only are they putting themselves at risk but you could face serious complications and get fined.

Our job is to keep no one at risk, our work meets the Govenment’s health & safety requirements and that all asbestos is cleared from the site with no complications.

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