Asbestos Removal In Maroubra

Hire the Best Professionals for Safe Asbestos Removal in Maroubra

Welcome to Absolute Demo Group & Stripout- your one-stop reliable and reputed asbestos removal specialists in the town. Having positively impacted the construction and demolition projects, we are also leading the projects associated with asbestos removal in Maroubra. We offer the expertise and best in the market service methodologies in order to ensure that the purpose is solved fruitfully and without any hassles. Bank on our services and hire us.

Fully Licensed and Insured Asbestos Removalists

If you are looking for professionals who are fully licensed and insured to undertake the asbestos removal process for you, then here we are. We are one of the companies that are fully licensed and insured to carry out asbestos removal from any place- irrespective of whether it is a commercial property or a residential one. We have the required expertise and techniques to deal with both Class A Friable & Non-Friable Asbestos.

Why Choose Us?

With the presence of so many companies in the market, we are one of the few ones who made out to the priority list of both residential and commercial property owners. We are highly grateful to them for the trust they have bestowed on our services and throwing us a challenge to meet their expectations.

Some of the top explanations are as follows-


When it comes to where do we lend our services related to asbestos removal; then it is EVERYWHERE. Yes, we are present wherever you want us to perform. We cater to asbestos removal services in Sydney and all its adjoining areas. All the works are being carried out by an expert, experienced, and well-trained team of professionals.

  • 360⁰ Support on Asbestos Removal

Since we are present everywhere that means we are committed to providing you with end-to-end solutions related to asbestos removal in Maroubra. Bank on our services. We cater to not only the removal of the asbestos but also ascertain that it is disposed of securely and safely. Thus, from removing to disposing, everything is obtained under Absolute Demo Group & Stripout.

  • SAFETY- Top of the Mind

Asbestos is a hazardous substance and leads to serious problems related to breathing. We know that and hence, follow basic streamlined safety guidelines ascertaining that not only you but also our professionals remain secured from the harmful effect of asbestos. We abide by the safety rules and regulations lead down by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission during the asbestos removal process in Maroubra.


When it is about the charges, we are budgeted service providers in Maroubra and you just can compare our prices with the other service providers. We have an organised process where the entire work is handled efficiently. Our team of professionals carry out the assessment of the project and present an upfront quotation of the price you would have to pay for the asbestos removal by Absolute Demo Group & Stripout.

Get in touch with us. We are always there to offer you the best services at the best price. Call us as well in case you need more information.


If you have any questions regarding our demolition, excavation or piling services, please call 0405949694 or contact us online today. We look forward to working with you.


“Just used their service to completely demolish my house and clear the property. From the free quote through to completion these guys and their crew were nothing but professional. Always available to answer questions, kept to the timelines they provided.”

Tim Welsh – NSW