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Safe disposal of asbestos in Pagewood 

Absolute Demo Group & Stripout is a popular name in the list of companies for asbestos removal in Pagewood. Our team safely removes and disposes of asbestos while having experience of many years in this field. Asbestos comprises several fibrous silicate materials that need proper removal and disposal. The substance finds its use in the materials used in the construction of the building like corrugated fibro sheeting, flat fibro sheeting, and pipes roofing shingles. Any person breathing in these fibres is at a higher risk of developing lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma. The more you breathe them, the higher the chances of developing these diseases.

Detailed inspection 

One needs an expert who can perform a detailed inspection before starting with asbestos removal in Pagewood. Many companies commence the work without doing an inspection. Ultimately, there arrive major issues in the process of asbestos removal. However, our team inspects the site to identify the areas containing asbestos. If our professionals feel the need, they even collect samples and test areas that might contain asbestos in any of the materials. We take every necessary measure to ensure that the process completes without any potential risks to the attendants or our customers who stay/work at the site containing asbestos.

Price quote 

After a thorough inspection of the property containing asbestos, our team discusses every detail of the work to quote the right price for the job to the customers. Some of our past clients asked for price quotes from more than two companies but relied on us for the job because of our reasonable prices. We take care to perform asbestos removal safely and completely in any area followed by transportation of the material to a disposal facility. To ensure safety, we transport the material to facilities that have a certificate. In many places, this work is illegal and numerous facilities do not have the certification. 

Safe disposal 

When our clients agree to our price for completing the job, our team arrives at the site with the equipment, tools, and machinery needed for asbestos removal in Pagewood. They will begin the work immediately or confirm from the client for a suitable day to commence the work. Our team takes every effort to safely remove and dispose of asbestos fibres to avoid their spread at the site or home. After completing the work, we utilise a vacuum machine to carefully eliminate all the asbestos fibres. We continually provide training and technology to our team so that they handle the material safely.

Healthy environment 

Absolute Demo Group & Stripout excels in providing a safe environment to the people living in an asbestos-containing property. We clear the site of the asbestos material so that our clients do not need to compromise with the air quality while they continue to reside there. With our expert team, one has an assurance that we can handle the most complicated projects of every scale for residential and commercial properties. Our clients trust us and rely on our services as we have the license and insurance for the job.


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“Just used their service to completely demolish my house and clear the property. From the free quote through to completion these guys and their crew were nothing but professional. Always available to answer questions, kept to the timelines they provided.”

Tim Welsh – NSW