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Most of the buildings in Sydney are now constructed by using asbestos materials that have dangerous effects if disturbed during renovation, maintenance, or demolition. Therefore, it is important to call a company that can inspect the asbestos before the demolition process starts and remove the demolished asbestos after that. But removing asbestos from a property can be incredibly challenging. Apart from being complicated to remove, asbestos also includes dust and carcinogenic fibres that cause lung diseases and cancer, which can be fatal. As it is important to ensure proper safety of every one of your commercial or residential property, therefore call a professional asbestos removalist like us to help you out.

Absolute Demo Group & Strip out – the specialist in asbestos removal:

As it is mentioned before that removing asbestos from any property is a highly skilled and complex job, therefore, the process should only be performed by professionally qualified technicians with necessary licenses. This is where the technicians of our company perfectly fit in. Every contractor of our company is licensed and insured. Therefore, these experts can carry every asbestos removal Sydney project safely and effectively without causing a mess. Here at Absolute Demo Group, we always use the most updated equipment and tools for removal. And the removal practices and techniques that we follow are also the most thorough and the safest one available.

So, by choosing us, you can only expect to get the best asbestos removal service that ensures that your commercial and residential property is safe for everyone. There is no point in waiting to be late. Instead, call us now to get the team of experts to inspect and to offer you the quality asbestos removal that you need in Pymble, Maroubra, or Killara

Class A Friable & Non-Friable Asbestos Removal

Absolute Demo Group are fully licensed and insured to remove both class A friable & non-friable asbestos.

Servicing Sydney & regional NSW for larger works we service all size jobs from residential to civil works.

Customer satisfaction is everything and we pride ourselves with highly trained staff that possess the knowledge and skill to get your project completed on time, complying with all work cover & government safety requirements.

Laws are in place that permit only qualified and licensed professionals to remove the asbestos material and dispose of it at a certified tipping facility.

Where do we provide our services?

For all the asbestos related problems, we provide our services in Roseville, Balmain, Pagewood, Mosman and all the adjacent areas.

Removal process that we follow:

When you call a professional asbestos removalist from our company for your project, the expert will conduct and onsite assessment of your property. After that, the expert will offer you a complete report, including the removal project that must be performed. Next, during the removal process, our expert technicians perform all duties wearing the correct compliant protective gear in line with health and safety regulations and guidelines. Once the asbestos removal Sydney job is complete, the removed asbestos will be carried out with the aid of other contractors, who are working within that project. And after removal, they will dispose of the materials at the licensed waste facility. Then we will perform decontamination of the total site and offer a clearance certificate mentioning that the site is free to use.

Why choose a professional asbestos removal contractor?

As mentioned before, you cannot remove more than 10sqmt of ACM without the help of a professional asbestos removalist. Here the licenses to verify that the removalists have both the required experience and training to perform and complete the job safely.

No matter how big or small the job is, the licensed removalists of our company file documents that detail every removal job they do. This works as the assurance that you comply with the pertinent laws and have the asbestos removed from your property safely.

Call us now for a free onsite quote and costing to safely remove your unwanted asbestos – Don’t risk it – Call an Expert

Asbestos Sheds and Garage removal

  • Asbestos roofing
  • Asbestos walls
  • Full structural demolition if required
  • Asbestos exterior weatherboards

Asbestos Bathroom & Laundry removal

  • Asbestos ceilings
  • Asbestos walls
  • Asbestos cement sheeting
  • Asbestos wet areas & home extensions
  • Asbestos tiles

Asbestos Roofing & Eve Removal

  • Asbestos roofing shingles
  • Asbestos corregated sheeting
  • Asbestos awnings & gabels
  • Asbestos eaves on houses

Asbestos Wall & In-home Removal

  • Asbestos fibro sheeting
  • Asbestos wall cladding
  • Granny flats & sunrooms
  • Asbestos exterior weatherboards

Asbestos Floor Removal

  • Asbestos laminate & tile removal
  • Asbestos floor stripping