Absolute Demo Group has over 15 years’experience in commercial and industrial demolition,environmental management, and civil contracting within the construction industry.

Delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to both residential and commercial clients we adapt specific methods to each individual project, ensuring that expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Holding an unrestricted demolition licence in NSW we are active Australia wide providing specialised demolition, environmental and civil contracting, risk management and project management services.

We specialise in working with government and council tenders, large civil & road works, owner builders & small to medium builders.

At Absolute Demo Group & Strip out, we can demolish all sizes and types of commercial properties. This includes multi-level office breaks and single-story structures. We have all the machines that are needed to perform such work smoothly. Therefore, the scale of the project never bothers us. We know that no matter how big it is, we would do the work much better than what others in the region can. Therefore, we are the number one name for such work in the city. Our team also has years of experience in the industry, as we have stated above already.

We satisfy the requirements of our clients

This allows them to satisfy the commercial development requirements of our clients in the best way possible. We can manage all the different stages of the commercial demolition process. This includes the initial inspection of worksites to the final clean-up of the same. This is the reason whenever our clients in Sydney need to get concrete demolition work done on their properties, they call only us. They know that no one can do this better than we can.

We can demolish all kinds of commercial properties

Our clients can be sure we work with complete efficiency and safety in such projects.

With us, it does not matter how complex the project is. We have years of experience in the industry, so nothing surprises us anymore. Not for nothing are we the top name for concrete demolition in Sydney. An important part of the work that we do for our clients is our planning. We are always careful when we plan our work. We do so to make sure that we can complete the project safely, within the budget, and on time.

The most professional commercial demolition services in Sydney

As an organisation, we are proud to say that we have stood the test of time and become one of the leading names for concrete demolition in Sydney. Much of this is because of the level of professionalism that we bring to bear in these projects. When our clients hire us, they know that they have hired an experienced contractor with an exceptional team that would complete the project a lot better than what they may have hoped for. We always first listen to what our clients want from us for such work.

We plan the best for such work

This helps us create the best plan for their projects that considers all the minute details. Our risk management strategies are great. Our primary aim as a top concrete demolition service provider in Sydney is to make sure that our clients do not have to face any stress for such work. Therefore, we take all the responsibility for doing associated work such as:

  • getting permits from local councils and other such authorities
  • waste disposal
  • site clean-up

Apart from their years of experience and using the latest tools, our team members have also received extensive training in such work. This also helps them deliver the quality that they do regularly.  


  • Demolition & Deconstruction
  • High Rise Demolition
  • Mid Rise Building Demolition
  • Schools, Factories, Warehouses, Industrial Site Demolition

Environmental & Hazardous Material

  • Asbestos and HAZMAT handling, transport and disposal services
  • Site remediation and validation to Remediation Action Plans (RAP)
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Air and water quality management
  • Friable Asbestos Removal
  • Lead dust and paint Removal


  • Bulk Earth Works
  • Section preparation
  • Paving & Sidewalks
  • Rehabilitation
  • Marking and signing
  • Retention and shoring systems

Bridge Construction

  • Concrete & steel
  • Pre-stressed & post-tensioned
  • Full slab and open web
  • Cast in place & precast


  • Telephone and data
  • Electrical networks
  • Sewage networks
  • Drainage networks
  • Potable water networks