Our Safety Policy

We are dedicated to elevating the standards for safety in the foundation industry through innovative training and on-site education programs.

At Absolute Demolition Group we have developed a culture that promotes a safe working environment to provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who near our sites.

Occupational, Health and Safety is one of Absolute Demo Groups highest priorities, with work hazard assessments carried out on site with any potential risks reported to management immediately. Also to ensure all risks to health and safety are managed efficiently and effectively.

Before the commencement of all projects works a through risk and hazard analysis is conducted as to the site area and specifications of works necessary. Through training and induction is a necessary requirement for all Absolute Demo Group staff, to eliminate injury and illness within the work place and ensure all work is to be completed at the highest level excellence.

Quality Management System

Quality Control reports are required to be submitted by site managers to the area managers monthly and cover areas such as, materials in use, equipment performance, staff performance, method of works according to schedule, environmental issues through to non conformance and corrective action.

Our commitement is to provided a consistent, reliable and cost effective works method that exceeds our clients expectations. Site Inspections are regularly conducted according to Absolute Demo Group quality control procedures ensuring that all site works are conducted according to specifications, regulations and procedures.