Stripouts Services by Specialist in Pagewood

Absolute Demo Group & Stripout – The Name You Can Trust for Strip outs

Stripping out a property is necessary for several reasons; like it can be for restructuring and upgrading your existing property while removing the old equipment, moving to the new premises, and before the move in and after move out cleaning of your tenants. No matter for whatever reason you need to strip out your home or commercial space in Pagewood, we are always here to help you.

Residential and commercial strip out jobs you can trust:

At Absolute Demo Group & Stripout, we know how important the strip outs are for our clients. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we complete the jobs with utmost precision and diligence, which our clients can trust. And we believe maintaining trust is the fundamental strategy of our business.

Apart from offering residential, commercial, and industrial strip out services in Pagewood, we also consider careful removal of the equipment as part of our job. So, we always remove and recycle the stripped-out materials with no delay.

We maintain a step-by-step process for completing our job. We start it by visiting the site, assessing the site and the situation, and then offering a quote that covers everything required to complete the job. Besides, we also include disposal fees for the materials you want us to take away.

The best servicemen offering the best services:

We have a team of experts, who are best in every aspect of strip out services, and they are also the driving forces that make our business successful. Irrespective of how big or small your property is, these experts have the skills to perform the strip out jobs with ease. They even have the record of handling complicated strip out jobs with equal precision. And to perform the jobs perfectly, these experts use specialised equipment that eliminates all the potential risks. Apart from that, we also have specialisation in stripping out narrow spaces without causing a mess.

We know every second matter. Therefore, we always aim to complete the strip outs as early as possible to make sure that you can proceed with further steps.

Few reasons to choose us:

  1. Professional quality service: At Absolute Demo Group & Stripout, we only believe in offering professional quality service always irrespective of the size and budget of the project. We consider customer satisfaction and attention to every detail as our number one priority.
  2. On-time service, every time: We do not believe in wasting time. So, we are the strip out service provider you can choose, who use the latest industrial equipment ranges to complete the strip out projects every time, ahead of time.
  3. Competitive rates: Being an industry leader in offering strip out services, we feel proud of our ability to complete all our strip out projects ahead of time without exceeding the budget of our clients. This is probably one of the major reasons our clients choose us every time over others.
  4. Dust reduction facility: When offering strip out service in Pagewood, we only use the industry-leading equipment ranges, the latest system for dust extraction, and the latest portable air filtration equipment ranges available.


If you have any questions regarding our demolition, excavation or piling services, please call 0405949694 or contact us online today. We look forward to working with you.


“Just used their service to completely demolish my house and clear the property. From the free quote through to completion these guys and their crew were nothing but professional. Always available to answer questions, kept to the timelines they provided.”

Tim Welsh – NSW